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The Mighties

The photograph of the Mighties, the group of terrorists who caused "the Atrocity of City Kudra".
They are the victims of mysterious mass generation of superhuman, the Outers, and planned terror by presession.
The members of the Mighties and damage they inflicted are as follows.

Peter Adra
Power: Gush out acidic liquid from the eye socket.
Failed to control spouting power, and his whole head melted down. DEAD
Several ornaments in the park destroyed. One dog killed.

Eliza Drone
Power: Store up explosive energy in body.
Attempted suicide bombing at the Kudra riverside, ending up exploding after slipping down to the river. DEAD
Fifteen duck boats destroyed. Two civilians suffer minor burns.

Jack Miller
Power: Giant.
Hit his head against traffic sign and fell. No ambulance was big enough to carry him. Died by cerebral hemorrhage. DEAD
One traffic sign partially damaged.

Brunhilde Riekandra (Seriously?)
Power: Move in superspeed.
Failed to control her speed and collided against several buildings. DEAD
Five buildings' walls damaged. Mental damage of multiple witnesses.

Abe Lian
Power: Able to figure out every title of songs from the Ink Spots by listening to only three seconds of intro.
Got the dates mixed up. SURVIVED
No damage inflicted.

The whole world was shocked by the cruel terror they committed,
and the history criticizes the Atrocity of City Kudra as a case that created the impetus for oppression of Outermen.